Privacy Policy


Torchshare acknowledges and respects the privacy of each customer and individual that visits the Torchshare Website, or corresponds with Torchshare through email. This Privacy Statement specifies the information collected by Torchshare, and how this information will be used. This statement also provides individuals with instructions on how to stop the collection, or sharing of personal information, when visiting the Torchshare Web site, mobile application and/or email correspondence.


All forms hosted by the Torchshare Website and mobile app that require the input of sensitive information utilize a Security Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, which provides a secure environment for individuals to transmit information to a Torchshare server. This information is encrypted during transmission, and in doing so, prevents unauthorized persons access to it. All information collected by the Torchshare Website and mobile app is stored on a secure server owned by Torchshare. This prevents personal information from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

Personally Identifiable Information

Torchshare does not collect any personally identifiable information about its individuals (this includes, names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc unless provided voluntarily by the individual on the Torchshare website or mobile app. Torchshare require personally identifiable information in the following circumstances:

– Completion of mobile app registration.
– Completion of business registration on the website.

Upon request of further information in relation to the services provided by Torchshare, Torchshare may use the personally identifiable information submitted by an individual in the following ways, unless stated otherwise:

  • Information may be stored and processed to gain a better understanding of client needs.
  • Information may be used to improve products and services for all clients.
  • Information may be used to contact a client in relation to a client account.

If instructed to do so by court order or in compliance with existing laws, personal information about registered users will be made available to law enforcement personnel. If a registered individual is suspected of conducting illegal activities, especially if using utilities from this service, information about such activities will be turned over to the proper authorities for investigation.

  • Torchshare will not sell or personally identifiable information to third parties Information may be shared with business partners or business relations to provide the individual with a better service. Torchshare provides all individuals with the choice as to whether the individual’s information can be used for marketing purposes or shared with business partners and/or business relations.

Non Personally Identifiable Information Collected Automatically

All activity on this server is logged and archived, including all access to utilities & member updates. This information is used to provide statistical information about the use of the site, as well as to indicate possible misuse or abuse of the services. General information such as browser types, country of origin and number of clients and/or visitors may be made available to current or potential advertisers. Torchshare will not sell non-personally identifiable information to third parties at any point. Non-personally identifiable information may be shared with business partners or business relations to provide the individual with a better service.

Who to Contact

If an individual submits personally identifiable information through the Torchshare Website, mobile app and/or through email correspondence, and would like this information removed from the Torchshare records, a request to remove this data should be sent via email to Torchshare will use reasonable efforts to remove this information from its database.